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This money will be used to support my expenses like:Renting the venue, food, transportation(flights, train, buses), accommodations and the cost of the materials for the ceremonies like(Ayahuasca ceremony, cleansing ceremony and offering to Pachamama) . And to plant cultivating, planting and harvesting more Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon) This project will reduce the exploitation of natural Ayahuasca because of their demand. People can separate their space with .€100 euros click here: This deposit will ensure the space to respect of others participation. I some people will like an idea of how much donate this is an example :€290 euros per/person or similar to other currencies but is not mandatory, you can pay with what your are able to give.We require to take seriously these work and the ceremonies.
· FIX DATES GROUP RETREAT FULL DAY 2016: Base in your donation Switzerland Lausanne August 6th, Germany Hannover: August 13th, Germany Berlin: August 14th, Denmark Copenhagen: August 19th 20th, Switzerland Lausanne: August 26h 27th, *Ceremonies for Free of charge base on a volunteers donation. If you want to add more please do the day after your ceremonies. *full day group retreat up to 9 people. *Require to fill in the medical questioner *Require deposit of €100 to respect the spaces please click here.